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When Water Damage In Carlsbad Becomes Your Reality, Look to Silver Olas!

Think water damage in Carlsbad can’t happen to you? Think again? Whether it’s an unfortunate rain storm that just didn’t seem to quit in time or a broken pipe that may have surprised you, flooding can quickly damage your home and all of your belongings most unexpectedly. Wondering what to do? You’re not alone, but the most important thing you can remember is that time is of the essence. To make sure the damage stays at an absolute minimum, getting the water out fast has to be a must. This quick guide can help you deal with the fallout from water damage.

Step 1: Stop the Water

Before you can do anything else, you have to stop the flow of water into your home. If it’s the result of a storm, you may be in a difficult position to do that. If it’s a broken pipe, though, have the water turned off at its source so no additional water flows into your home.

Step 2: Make the Area Safe

Remember that water and electricity don’t mix, so turn off the power to the affected area, and remove any electronic devices you see, no matter how small they may seem. Before you even think about touching the controls, though, make certain it’s safe to do so. If you’re at all unsure of what you’re doing, phone an electrician immediately.

Step 3: Remove the Furniture and Valuables That You Must

The more items you can pull from the area now, the better. You’re more likely to save items that have been exposed to water for just a few hours than you are if you allow them to sit in the water for an unspecified period of time.

Step 4: Get Off Those Floors!

Walking on your soaked carpeting is only going to create further problems for your flooring. The sooner you get off the floors in your home, the better your carpet will manage to stand up to the potential damage involved.

Step 5: Call Us!

Sure, you could add fans to the situation or try to use a shop vacuum to extract the water, but both of those ideas are fairly dangerous ones. What’s more, though, is that if you’re dealing with a sewage related situation, you’re only going to spread the contamination around. Instead, give us a call. We’ll bring in the extraction equipment to get rid of the water from your carpet and it’s padding, as well as a professional dehumidifier to make sure your home doesn’t deal with the damaging possibility of mold.

Water Damage Repair In Carlsbad

Water damage in Carlsbad is a very real possibility, so we’re available to meet your needs twenty-four hours a day. Give us a call now to learn more.

Water Damage Restoration Carlsbad CA

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