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Silver Olas is prepared to take on any water-damage-related tasks as they arise, regardless of whether it's in the North County, Oceanside or San Diego area.  Thanks to the advanced IICRC training, they can assist you with any water-damage-related issues.

Different problems require different solutions and can't all be fixed the same way. New leaks can be addressed quickly once they're discovered, and they should be in order to prevent mold from forming, which can occur in as little as 48 hours post-leak.  Older leaks can't just be treated straight away as the problem has already been there for a period of time. Typically mold has already started forming when these leaks are found and treated, so ensuring the area can be dried out as quickly as possible is vital for stopping the mold from spreading further.  The company you enlist the help of should be honest and fast-acting so that the problem doesn't spiral out of control.  To ensure that happens, call Silver Olas carpet tile flood cleaning. 619-387-9660 for a free estimate

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Why is Silver Olas one of the best water damage restoration services available in San Diego and Carlsbad, CA?

Water Damage Repair in San DiegoThere's no denying the water damage problem in San Diego and Carlsbad is more than just a temporary issue.  Many companies have already joined the fight to combat water damage, but not all are created equal. Some of them are sending out employees so poorly equipped (and barely trained!) that letting them try to fix your problem could end up making it far worse. Not all companies are like this, but if you're not careful you won't know the difference between good and bad, so below is a list of the things you should look out for and ask about before you let them try to fix anything for you.

Live support

If you call a company up and the phone rings out, disconnects, or goes to a generic message bank where you're asked to leave a message, you should hang up and call another company. Any decent water damage expert in San Diego or Carlsbad, CA will have a proper support line in place with real people able to provide factual answers to your potential clients calling in.  Not only should there be a real helpdesk for taking calls, but the staff should be able to take down your details, prepare a quote and organise to have someone come out within two to three hours. Any attempts at providing a quote online or by any means other than speaking to a real person should be shunned – If the company can't provide real staff for you to talk to, you don't want their business.Carlsbad Water Damage Repair

Silver Olas promises that anybody who calls will speak to a real person – You don't even need to have a water damage problem occurring right now to call, just a concern that something could develop into a bigger issue down the track is reason enough to call us.  We can provide you with all the information required including precautions, flood damage cost estimation and an assessment of possible damages if you were calling to voice your concerns about a potential issue.

Is a dedicated flood insurance policy necessary?

To be honest, it's not – Regular homeowner insurance should encompass most situations where water damage in San Diego or Carlsbad is the cause of the issue.  Most commonly covered items in regular policies includes hot water leakage, blocked toilets, damaged or faulty sinks, frozen pipes bursting and overflowing bathtubs.  In fact, the majority of water-related damages should be covered in your regular policy, making flood insurance an unnecessary expense.  The fine line in the sand however is that if rain water damages anything and it enters from areas other than windows or the roof, your standard insurance policy may not be very helpful to you (unless you can prove that the fault is caused by a shared resource such as city-owned drains that are not properly connected up). 

In the majority of cases, it's unlikely you'll have to spend anything to receive assistance for water damage in San Diego or Carlsbad as it is generally covered by your regular homeowners' insurance policy.  In extreme cases however, there may be additional requirements or fees to pay if your house is damaged by water. You should receive a number of benefits in in your insurance policy relating to assistance for water damage.

Water Damage Restoration in CarlsbadContractors should attend to the issue on-site and ensure that mold cannot grow and that an inventory of building materials or any other water damaged items are recorded. Most importantly however, the team of disaster recovery contactors will adhere to the national standards so that everything is done by the book instead of under the table. Silver Olas is a well-established company earning their reputation for hard work, on time callouts and a streamlined process for navigating through and assisting customers with their insurance policies.

When water damage happens to you, you'll be glad to receive their expert advice when the insurance company calls.  We know exactly how much the damages will cost and can assist you in getting the most from your insurance policy. Silver Olas prides itself on a fantastic reputation with customers and ensures that flood damage is handled quickly and efficiently for all parties involved.

Check for guarantees

Most importantly, the person who assesses the water damage in San Diego should be able to say with confidence that their drying methods meet all the nationally established standards for drying. Improper drying can lead to more problems later on down the track. The second most important thing to consider is that the expert should be able to provide and then work to a very accurate timeline to restore your area to its former beauty. If they can't say for certain how long it will take, keep looking around for someone who can. Another important point is that there should be extensive documentation provided to you upon request to ensure that you know exactly what was done, how it was done and when it was done.

Water Damage Restoration in San DiegoAlthough price is often a factor in deciding on a contractor, in this case it's not such a big deal because you should reasonably expect that your insurance company will able to take care of that. It's important to choose a company that you feel you can trust. These people are going to be walking through your office, home or place of water damage very thoroughly. They're not just going to look over the damage, they're going to want to take note of absolutely anything valuable that might have been damaged such as company equipment, silverware, antique vases and any other number of items that you consider priceless or important.  The last thing you want is for someone to go through it all and potentially damage (or even steal!) your valuables. The company you choose should make clear mention of a guarantee including compensation for loss and damages sustained in the event that something goes wrong.

Another way to help choose your water damage repair specialists is to take a look at the company's website – It should be obvious straight away whether or not they mean business.  If they're not serious about being professional on all fronts, you shouldn't waste any time trying to convince yourself otherwise.

Emergency Water Damage In San Diego Restoration

Silver Olas will respond right away if you call to say that your business or home sustains water damage in San Diego. Our business is located in a prime spot in Oceanside, as well as featuring another office in Carlsbad.

Whether the toilet overflows or the pipe leak in the sink are broken, we can be trusted to assist you with the highest integrity, professionalism and technology to ensure that a full water extraction is performed and that the drying process is also carried out properly on any walls, carpets or floors you may have. Water Clean up is what we do.There is no better water removal service in San Diego, Period!!

Silver Olas, The Water Damage Authority

San Diego Water DamageWhen water damage strikes you in San Diego, acting quickly and ensuring you make the right choices to handle the issue effectively is important. There are a lot of things to consider including cost, the amount of coverage your insurance policy will offer, how long the job will take to perform, but perhaps most importantly, whether or not any of your possessions and valuable items can be saved.  Silver Olas can ensure that all of the above criteria are met and that any damages will be minimised.  Simply jump onto our website and check out the customer reviews to get a better idea of just how good we really are.  Our efficiency, sensitivity and speed make us the ideal choice in times when disaster strikes.

There are certainly other companies out there who are trying to get your business, either with cheap sales pitches or outright lies, but only Silver Olas can guarantee a prompt response, accurate costing estimate and cooperation from your insurance company.  Best of all, our staff all have the professional attitude required to leave a positive lasting impression on our customers throughout the whole ordeal. Excellent customer service will help a bad flood situation be little easier to deal with. Nothing is worse than hiring a lousy construction company after a water damage. 

If you're already dealing with the burden of water damage, call Silver Olas now and let them handle it for you instead.

The Finest San Diego Water Damage Restoration company 

Not many  water restoration service  companies in San Diego offer both emergency drying and flood damage repair. To offer this service a company must be a licensed contractor here in california. Silver Olas Carpet Flood Tile Cleaning  is a fully licensed general contractor and is also bonded and insured for general liability and pollution insurance ( mold damage insurance). Mold insurance allows us to offer full mold remediation repair and mold damage removal . Special training that we have allows us to be among a handful of companies in southern california to offer Goldmorr mold spray that works exceptional well against all forms of fungi , both airborne and embedded. Silver Olas can repair after you have had a flood. Most repairs include drywall repair and texturing, Painting, baseboard repair or replace, carpet repair or carpet cleaning. We also can handle cabinet repair or replacement . finish carpentry and more.


Water Damage Restoration Carlsbad CA

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