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Secrets of Cleaning Stone Tile and Grout in Carlsbad

One of the benefits of using natural stone or tile floor products in homes and offices is that they retain their beauty and luster for years. But the main problem of installing stone tiles is that they also require regular maintenance and periodic professional refurbishing.

Tips for Daily/Weekly Maintenance of Tile-Stone Surfaces

  • Stone floors, counters, tabletops, walls, showers and patios need daily maintenance.  Using microfiber dusters, such as Swiffer dry duster products, for floors and tabletops is the best option for removing dust and light dirt.
  • Showers, vanities and countertops should be cleaned with Stone safe cleaners rather than tile cleaning agent, using  a small microfiber cloth. 
  • Never use cleaning solutions that have acidic nature to them, including homemade solutions, to clean stone surfaces. 
  • Never use wax on stone or grout surface or Sealers that add shine to stone. Sealing stone is not the same as sealing wood and requires special cleaning techniques before polishing and sealing can begin.

Stone Cleaning in Carlsbad Ca

When cleaning stone surfaces, it is necessary to first assess the condition of the stone and to know how to clean each type of stone.

In Carlsbad, CA stone installations should be professionally cleaned, polished and sealed every 12 – 18 months depending on the stone surface.


One of the most common stone products used in kitchens and bathrooms, it is also finding its way to outdoor kitchens: with proper sealing and polishing, granite is easier to maintain than marble and travertine in outdoor spaces; because granite is not a single stone. It’s been observed that certain area of kitchens and bathrooms are often porous and tends to be softer in some spots than others; professional cleaning, polishing and resealing should be done every 15-18 months


Red, green and black marbles are softer than Carrara marbles which are white or gray; often used in floors, countertops, bathroom vanities and showers surrounds, tabletops and accessories. Marble is imported either in slabs or in large tile segments; all marble must be sealed and polished before use. Cleaning tiles and removing stains from marble should be done by experienced professionals to avoid chipping, scratching or damaging the stone. Same way, professional refurbishing should be done at least once a year since marble may crack and stain more easily than some other stone surfaces.


Slightly harder than both marble and travertine, it also has natural ridges and uneven surfaces that make it interesting but not suitable for all spaces. It’s used primarily in shower areas, around pools and around fireplaces: caution: you need to professionally clean and seal slate, at least every 16 months

Countertop Cleaning

Stone countertops-- whether marble, granite or quartz---should be cleaned with an organic, biodegradable soap and water solution. The biodegradable soap prevents a film from forming on the stone: it is considered safe around food products.

Shower Tile Cleaning

Cleaning the shower stall and flooring after each use with plain bottled water and a squeegee is the best way to keep stone surfaces free of soap buildup and dirt and salt from working its way into the surfaces/

Granite Counter Cleaning and Sealing

Granite scratches much more easily than many people think, and once scratched any seal put on the stone is broken allowing dirt, salt and stains to get underneath the seal into the stone.

When this occurs, a professional with experience and the right equipment needs to be called in.

  • The seal will need to be stripped off and the stone will need a deep cleaning.
  • Once thoroughly cleaned, granite needs to be polished with a stone polisher.
  • The final step is to reseal the stone with an impregnator sealant. 

In Carlsbad, Ca, granite is subjected to the salt air continuously--- even when a space is closed up. The salt air can pit the seal on granite surfaces and other stone surfaces even when properly sealed. Using a professional cleaning service that is trained and experienced at caring for your granite surfaces helps extend the life of the newly sealed surface. 

Grout Cleaning and Sealing

Ask any housewife what it’s like to clean grout lines around tiles and you’ll get a unanimous growling sound in return--- along with a suggestion to invest in toothbrush stock immediately.  If you have stone tiles, you have grout cleaning needs to occur at least once a week--- to prevent the buildup of molds, mildew, stains and dirt that embeds itself gradually into the grout

There is another alternative, which many corporations and homeowners prefer:  hire professionals with extensive experience to handle all your grout and tile cleaning. After cleaning grout, it must be sealed with an impregnator sealant to prevent damage.

For all your tile cleaning, grout cleaning and maintenance of stone surfaces in Carlsbad, Ca, you can give us a call, Silver Olas Carpet Tile Flood Cleaning at (760-753-0969). We’re professionals with years of experience under our belt.  And we’ll be happy to help! Check out over 50 positive reviews online . Google  “Silver Olas reviews” to find them.

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