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Why Consider Professional Tile Cleaning in Carlsbad?

It’s not just the carpet in your home that needs a closer look. After all, if you have a home with lots of surfaces inside, including carpet, tile, or even wood, you know that not all professional floor cleaning services are looking to meet your needs. So many of them are focused elsewhere. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean you can simply ignore the other flooring surfaces in your home. When simply scrubbing with a toothbrush just won’t do anymore, it’s time for a professional level tile cleaning.

Why Go With the Professionals?

Tile looks amazing at first, but after a while, that dirt and grime collects not only on the surface of the tile, but also on the grout. That can make your tile look nothing short of disgusting. With all of the spills and stains collected just under the surface, you’re always going to have a mess on your hands unless you go with the professionals.

Professional tile cleaning companies offer far better results than you could achieve by hand. In most cases, your tile will be carefully inspected before the best possible treatment process is determined. From there, pressure and rotary tools, as well as the right combination of cleaners, will be used to help get the hidden grime out of both your tile and your grout.

It typically takes less than an hour to get the tile in an average sized room clean, though that can vary a bit depending upon exactly how much soil is in the tile itself.

How Often Should I Have My Tile Cleaned?

Once you decide to have your tile professionally cleaned, you’ll never look back. It’s hard not to get intolerant of that level of dirt in the future, so you may look to having it professionally cleaned on a fairly regular basis. Wonder how often you should call? It depends a little on the amount of traffic your floor gets. For some homes, it could be every six months. In other homes, it could only be an annual visit.

When you’re ready to look to the professionals for tile and grout cleaning help, give Silver Olas a call. We’re the only place to turn as you look for a cleaner floor, no matter what the surface. We’ll not only help you get that deeper clean you’re looking for, but also help you keep it that way in the months to come.

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"Great work and overall experience with cleaning travertine floors."

-Joe G, Customer Lobby


"My travertine is repaired, sealed and shined."

-Marilyn G, Yelp