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Silver Olas provide a wide range of cleaning and sealing services for any tile, grout, All stone types  to all of  San Diego .Travertine Cleaning as well. We Excell in cleaning floors. showers, countertops, patio's and walls.  Best of all, all our service are Guaranteed the best cleaning and we are fully bonded and insured.

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We are one of the only companies in san diego that use tile scrubbing machine that removes deep embedded dirt from grout.We also offer travertine polishing and cleaning along with all stone polishing, even waterproofing grout and stone with our advanced stone sealer !  It’s important that slate cleaning is done by machine due to the multiple kinds of surface edges that dirt frequently gets trapped in, although most companies will leave this behind.  Slate sealing is also available in a number of different sheens that can be customised with an enhancer sealer. This has the ability to enhance or darken the colours as you so desire.  Whether it’s granite sealing & cleaning, grout cleaning, tile or shower cleaning, stone polishing or cleaning, Silver Olas can provide you with a top quality service without the high price tag.  Tile Cleaning San Diego

Ask If your Tile Cleaner Offers:

  1. Free Written Estimate
  2. Guarantee all Work for 30 days
  3. Vacuum or Sweep dry soil
  4. Organic Tile Cleaner thats Safe for pets and kids
  5. Hand scrub all grout lines
  6. Machine Scrub all tile floor and grout
  7. Protect baseboards
  8. High heat Steam Cleaning , hot enough to help disinfect
  9. Use the Best penetrating sealer in the market

How to Choose the Right San Diego Tile Cleaning Company

Carlsbad Tile Cleaning ServiceFinding the right tile cleaning company in San Diego can be difficult, but ensuring that you make the right choice, the results will speak for themselves if you hire us. It will be  an investment than an expense.  Our company  will go the extra mile. Here at Silver Olas , our  track record for customer service is very important  as is  tile cleaning abilities. The cleaning performed makes your tiles look clean, brand new and a pleasure for others to see.  The Cimex scrubbing machine in combination with thorough hand scrubbing of grout means your tiles will get the best clean possible by the best staff available.

In order to get the best out of any Floor cleaning company, you need to know what to look for in the company – This can often be extremely difficult if you’re not experienced at it.  Thankfully Silver Olas have compiled a guide to ensure that all their customers know what to look for. It also means that once you decide Silver Olas is right for your job, you can obtain a free quote estimate from them straight away.

What Can Great  Stone Tile Cleaning Companies Offer Me?

Carlsbad Tile Cleaning ServicesAny decent tile cleaning company will have a strongly positive online reputation, whether they are big or small is irrelevant.  Google can also help you to suss out the companies further – It’s very easy to see if a company is not doing a good job because there are a lot of angry (ex-)customers slandering them.  The local community can also offer another way to gauge just how good a company is if you’re not as trusting of online sources for reviews and testimonials of a company’s achievements. The top companies receive great feedback online and in person, so there is no doubt that they are the best of the best.

To see a large number of Silver Olas reviews (40+) from independent reviewer site ‘Customer Lobby’, visit this link: 

Another way to determine just how good a company is is to check the Google Reviews and yelp review pages  for detailed information and rankings on a range of cleaning services located in San Diego, California.  If you do your homework properly online, you’ll be able to determine very easily which company is right for your particular job based on price, duration and equipment used. The majority of websites for this type of business are capable of providing a free, automated quote service to its customers. Secondarily email is also a valid option for getting in contact with them if you’d like to take your enquiry further or get a more specific answer as opposed to a generic ‘estimate’ of costs.

For those of you not able to navigate the websites of professional stone and tile grout cleaning, companies should definitely have a phone line (even if it is unattended most of the time) where you can leave a message with your details and have someone call you back (usually within 1-2 days). Another important and often overlooked aspect of a successful company is the ability for its staff to provide exceptional customer service to individuals quickly, clearly and politely.

Services to Consider

Carlsbad Stone CleaningAfter you’ve researched and decided upon a few companies that you feel will suit your needs, it’s time to go into more detail about exactly what services they are each able to provide. Although some people are well aware of their requirements from a business, others may still need more guidance to determine exactly what it is that they require. This can take a lot of time and energy to accomplish, but thankfully Silver Olas have put together a guide which explains some our most popular and currently available services.  Knowing exactly what you do and don’t want or need is vital in determining the right services for you – You will save money simply because you’re not misinformed, so nobody can sell you on products that you don’t need.

Grout cleaning in all San Diego

This process can be applied to either new or old tiles using top quality equipment to ensure nothing will be damaged or provide poor results.  Anybody with a great reputation in the industry should be well established and capable of providing a guarantee that no damage to the tiles or grout will be sustained while cleaning takes place.  Another common feature of the top tile cleaning companies is that they can (and do) provide free maintenance on your tiles and grout. This provides peace of mind and ensures your tiles will be eye-candy for visitors all year round.

Stone Cleaning and Travertine Cleaning 

Stone Polishing and Cleaning in CarlsbadReturning stone to its original appearance (or close to it) can be an extremely delicate job and the methods used to achieve this should user time-tested, working stone restoration techniques to achieve this, not fancy new equipment that promises to do it in half the time at a quarter of the cost. There are companies that exist who can deliver you a fantastic end result due to their years (or even decades) of experience in the industry, regardless of the stonework needing to be repaired.

Grout Sealing / Stone Sealing

Silver olas  only uses only the finest sealers we have found over our 15 plus years in business. For Grout and stone sealing, wether on floor or shower or counter, we use an impregnator sealer that goes into the stone or grout and seals or makes surface water repellent. This will help keep soli or spills from going deep into the stone or grout. Grout sealer is important and should only be applied after a thourough Grout cleaning has been finished . Grout Color Repair can also be applied to the grout. The grout must be proffesionally cleaned first so it can bond well to the grout. Changing grout color is also available .

Polishing of Marble, Travertine and Terrazzo Tiles

Special supplies and equipment are required to return these stones to their original beauty.  San Diego tile cleaning company Silver Olas can ensure that your terrazzo, marble or travertine tiles are treated to their former glory by restoring them to better than new .For Stone Restoration, Items such as diamond metal, stone polishes and resin pads are  used to ensureto remove scrathes, wear and tear and dull areas. This means the stone’s natural finish is restored to your desired shine . Travertine can often have holes and develop new holes over time. Silver olas can fill travertine holes with an epoxy that is made for travertine stone. Epoxy is much harder than grout and blends in to the stone exceptionally well. 

Another service to look for in highly qualified tile Restoration San Diego companies is that they offer to remove any honing and lippage from the stone to ensure that it is completely level once the job’s done.  They may also offer to clean any showers and bench tops that you may have. Silver Olas in San Diego offers the best tile cleaning service in the area. 

The company has a high reputation and demands respect from its competitors, providing very hard to beat deals and offering a service that is unmatched, both in customer care and in end-product quality. They use only the latest devices and techniques to ensure that you receive the best value for money possible and tiles that look brand new! Call the Best  Marble Cleaning San Diego Company today.

 Silver Olas Offers Full Carpet Cleaning in Carlsbad Ca And all San Diego Areas from oceanside to temecula down to the border. Call for price quote 



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"Great work and overall experience with cleaning travertine floors."

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