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Carpet Cleaning Carlsbad CA Service Package ( No Residue)

Silver Olas provides the #1  Carpet Cleaning service in Carlsbad, CA. Without a doubt, guaranteed, we are the best carpet cleaner company in town. We offer a full 30 day money back guarantee if even a single problem returns to your carpets. If you wish to organize a meeting with us, simply call 760-501-7894 now. We will be happy to talk with your about our Carlsbad carpet cleaning service and provide a quote.

Our regular service service package covers all of the below:

Step 1. Receive a free Carpet Cleaning Quote over the Phone .

Our staff will consider the best course of action for removing spots and stains, as well as how to best deal with areas of heavy use. A cleaning plan will be tailored by an expert cleaning technician to meet your expectations and budget

Step 2. Small Furniture Removal

Carlsbad Carpet CleaningRemoving any small items of furniture like tables, chairs and dresser cabinets makes it easier to do a more thorough job of cleaning later on. This is included in the cost of the service and comes at no extra charge to you, just another reason why we are the top carpet cleaning in Carlsbad, CA.  If you have special requirements, please let us know in advance and we can plan how to best meet your needs.  It's not required that your furniture be moved though, so there's no pressure to be inconvenienced by having to move it twice.

Step 3 Dry Soil Removal Or Vacuuming .

Carpet Cleaning in CarlsbadMost Carpet Cleaners will skip this important step. Removing dry soil and particles before steam cleaning makes the results much better. Dry Dirt in carpet becomes mud when steam cleaning ,and is harder to remove then with the vacuum 

Step 4. Expert Spot Cleaning & Pre Conditioning

Silver Olas uses pet and baby safe cleaners to spot clean and condition the carpet and high traffic areas . This proccess helps loosen the soil and make the rinsing / steam cleaning more effective. Spots of all kinds can be removed  in most cases, drink spills ,pet accidents, dirt and mud .A.K.A vacuuming!  This preparation is important as it ensures the finished cleaning will not leave behind any unwanted, reminiscent crumbs.
Our staff are well prepared for the job with a high-powered vacuum , so there's always equipment on hand to do the best job possible.

Step 5. Clean, pure hot-water-treated extraction

Very few carpet cleaning companies (especially in Carlsbad) have access to the kinds of technology that we use - Teflon super velocity vacuum glide, a hose nearly double the average size, a higher vacuum lift setting, but perhaps most importantly is the ability to recover larger amounts of dirty water from your carpets.

In our standard package however, these are not extras but standards to guarantee you have clean, soft, dry carpets that look and feel as fresh as the day you bought them.

We use water heated to a temperature hot enough to produce extremely powerful steam which can cut through soil, oil and grease like a knife through butter.Carpet Cleaning in San Diego CA

Step 6. High Speed Carpet Drying

We  dry carpets within approx three hours of cleaning. This is possible because of leading vacuum technology improvements and  the 360-degree fan, capable of blowing out dry air at an astounding 40mph, capable of drying the area it's focused on in mere minutes.We use several Of these fans throughout your house to dry carpets fast.First rooms we clean are dry by the time we leave so you can be back to normal even faster.

Step 7. Applying Carpet Protection Formula

Although this step is optional, it is generally recommended to promote cleaner carpets for longer, even in the face of constant treading.

It doesn't protect your carpet from stains, spills and soils entirely, but it does make cleaning them up a less challenging task.

Silver Olas is the very definition of perfect carpet cleaning, providing services that range from steam to dry cleaning, including carpet and spot cleaning in every package. We are the top service in Carlsbad. You won't go wrong when you ask for Silver Olas.


Things Most Carpet Cleaning Companies in Carlsbad dont do well is to take the time to do a great job. Not rushing through a carpet cleaning job makes a big difference.Many companies also skip vacuuming which is an important first step to remove all dry particulates /soil before spot cleaning. This is expecially important if you have pets. Our High heat steam cleaning can freshen the carpets and rinse out urine and pee from the carpets. We Have improved our powerful steam clean vacuum which helps to remove more water for faster dry times, but more importantly , it will remove more dirt from the carpet . Our Specialized carpet cleanng wand  actual rinses more and better than a standard steam cleaning wand .

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