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About Carlsbad Cleaning Services from Silver Olas

Carlsbad Cleaning Services from Silver OlasSimply hiring a carpet cleaning service doesn’t always guarantee a job well done. The surface could look amazingly clean, but problems can lurk just under that surface. At Silver Olas, we understand the fact that a clean, healthy environment is important to you and your family. All of our work is guaranteed to give you the best possible level of clean.

We Focus on Stains, Dirt, and More!

Buying carpet can be easy. Keeping it clean is often a bit tougher. After all, life happens in your home, and with it comes stains, spills, and lots of dirt. The only way to keep that beauty intact for a long time is to go with a company that knows how to build a better level of clean, and that means someone who can offer you the time, attention, and expertise necessary.

A Carlsbad Tradition

For more than two decades, Silver Olas has been dedicated to providing customers with a competitive, affordable clean that will not only eliminate the stains, but also restore and prolong the beauty of your flooring choices. All of our equipment has been tested and proven effective to give you a better level of clean.

With so many different kinds of carpeting available today, it’s essential to choose a company that understands the continual changes in the industry, and Silver Olas does. We continual work to learn more about the latest flooring trends and how to keep them looking great longer in every room in your home.

Professional Service, Professional Clean

There are many professional carpet cleaning companies out there, but there’s only one equipped with the knowledge and tools to handle even the most delicate flooring choices. Contact us today and see what a difference unparalleled commitment can make.

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Customer Reviews

"He saved our carpet!"

-Mark S, Customer Lobby


"Great job cleaning my mother's floor tiles and carpeting!"

-Google Review